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What’s so Great About Dubrovnik? Here’s 20 of its Best Attractions

There has been much talk about the gleaming, walled city of Dubrovnik and many travelers who have not yet traversed its historic streets are wondering what all the hype is about. I, myself carried the same sentiments as many of my fellow travelers while contemplating a trip to Croatia just a few weeks ago. So I decided to explore the many interesting facets that have beamed a spotlight on this enigmatic city.

Lonely Planet has a forum worth checking out if you’re in the market for booking a trip to Dubrovnik. One of the most interesting comments I read was from chilledvagabond who points out that:

The city is undoubtedly one of Europe‘s highlights let alone Croatia’s. The old town is extremely welcoming, the views from the walls are simply unbelievable and from the hill towering above almost fairytale.

Furthermore, I find Dubrovnik offers a level of service that is void in much of the rest of the country. The transport system and infrastructure overall is Swiss quality. Restaurants in much of coastal Dalmatia offer the same fare; menus are often repetitive that is until you reach Dubrovnik. Really it is unmissable though I can understand (your) reluctance particularly during the mid-July to mid-August period (high season) though that  is when the summer festival is underway…

TripAdvisor also provides a thoughtful  list of 20 “must see” attractions in Dubrovnik, which offers travelers’ honest perspectives on the city’s best sites.

Alas, after much fretting, I ended up booking a trip to Turkey (woo hoo!) , but I am still considering Croatia (particularly Dubrovnik) for a future jaunt. If you’ve been to this obscure city, I’d love to hear your insights and what you deem as the city’s most worthy attractions.

Photo by Micheal Caven/Flickr

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