Sweet and Delectable Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Foodies

Sweet and Delectable Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Foodies

Updated for 2013 Stocking stuffers can truly be the fabulous dessert after an offering of bland presents. And why not indulge your favorite foodie with some delicious treats? Since this occasion only comes once a year, consider purchasing gourmet products that have been made in small batches for that extra special touch. So this holiday […]

NYers and Jerseyites Can Learn How to Make Macarons at This Local Bakery

trio thanksgiving macarons

Ever wonder how macarons get so perfectly crisp on the outside and so melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside? To share the secret to crafting the perfect mac’, pastry chef and macaron mastermind behind Dana’s Bakery, Dana Loia is teaching a 2.5 hour class that includes a hands-on session of baking 36 macarons and a brief […]

Artisan, Fair Trade Products From the Four Corners of the World

soapstone collected and carved locally in western Kenya

soapstone collected and carved locally in western Kenya “Soapstone is actually a type of rock, mostly made of the mineral talc, that is very easily molded and therefore often used in sculpting. In Kenya, it is found in quarries near the town of Kisii, in the western part of the country. After extracting the rock, […]

New at The Market: From War to Peace, Lydali and Hyde Organic Yoga Apparel

from war to peace tree of life

Check out The Market’s newest consciously cool vendors. From War to Peace @ The Market From War to Peace is dedicated to creating a more peaceful world through the magic of transformation. The company recycles copper from disarmed nuclear weapon systems to create an alloy called Peace BronzeTM, from which they cast stunning jewelry and art for those […]

5 Sweet and Charitable Valentine’s Day Gifts for That Special Someone

NYC Greeting Cards

Our friends at Designed Good certainly know how to curate the coolest and most thoughtful artisan products that just happen to be the perfect gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. As a member of their community, I receive a weekly email, which displays the thoughtfully chosen products that will be on sale for the remainder of the week. Today’s […]

From Rich Maple Syrup to Silky Grafton: A Farm-to-Table Feast in Vermont

Farm to table food

By Jessica Festa “Will you be joining us for breakfast?” asks Katja, a pleasant smile on her face. As scents of Vermont maple syrup, sizzling bacon and fluffy pancakes fill my nostrils, I don’t need to think about the answer. Katja Matthews is the General Manager of Windham Hill Inn, a charming hotel wonderfully located […]