At the Elephant Valley Project, Cambodia’s Gentle Giants are Given a Second Chance

Elephant Valley Project: Rehabilitating Cambodia’s Asian elephants (via Matador Network)

Once upon a time a group of men went fishing in the river. When they caught some fish, half the men ate them and the others didn’t. The next day, those who had eaten the fish awoke as elephants. THIS IS the creation story of the Bunong people. To”…

  • borey

    While the project is Mondulkiri’s most popular attraction with visitors and there are multiple blogs and positive reviews of visitors enjoying it. This is hardly the case when you ask most locals, There seems to be a lot of frustration and a growing gap between the two sides.
    Accourding to locals : the entire operation is a highly profitable, western owned enterprise is the guise of a Cambodian organization. Accourding to E.L.I.E – Locals are exploiting the elephants and they are better off away from their local families, under superior western supervised eco-petting-zoo, catering to paying contributers.
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