A women's paradox

Why Women Are Burning Out Before 30 and Drowning as Working Mothers (INFOGRAPHIC)

I do think women can have it all, just not at the same time. – Madeliene Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State

More than ever women are taking on the roles of mommy and provider in what feels like an unsteady juggling act. They are still earning less than men (for every $1.00 a man makes, the female equivalent makes $0.77), but are the breadwinners in 53 percent of households where both partners work.

Women are also putting in longer hours and earning higher degrees and salaries than their predecessors, yet they are much less satisfied and happy as compared to working women in the 1970s.

The infographic below was sent by Julie Ander, one of our readers who is a women’s activism enthusiast. Julie stumbled on the infographic and found it to be an “excellent visual analysis of how modern women try to adapt to nowadays’ working and motherhood life and how they stand compared to men.”

We’re grateful to Julie for sharing this insightful look at how women are trying to have it all despite the price that comes with it.


A Woman's Paradox
Source: Great Business Schools

  1. This kind of makes me sad. Being a Stay at home mom in my mind is a privilege! I am extremely happy that I am the one who gets to raise my children rather than somebody else. Being a mom is very hard and challenging and should be something more mom’s want to do more rather than putting their career first.

  2. Interesting graphics. I believe it. Women really are burned out. We take on a lot because we’re taught to take on a lot at a young age, like we’re expected to be natural jugglers.

  3. Screw feminism! The poisonous ideals have destroyed both men and women for decades since its mass birth. They aim to break up families, hand over jobs to women which they dont qualify for, stupid work and college quotas that discriminate men. Still women are unhappy! Its a fallacy!

  4. They managed to put the wage gap again!!??? when are people going to stop with this fallacy?

    THERE IS NO PAY GAP ! At “equal” work, a women in NOT paid less than a man.
    If paygap there is, it’s in defavor of men: in most of the physical or dangerous work women do get paid the same as men, doing less.

    feminist lies all over the media as usual. just like for domestic violence…

  5. It has also been clearly shown that women do not do a ‘double shift’ . Total work of women is NOT significantly different from the total work of men.

    Read: Total Work and Gender: Facts and Possible Explanations, with Michael C. Burda and Daniel S. Hamermesh, Journal of Population Economics , Vol. 26 No. 1 (January 2013), 239-261.

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