likeminded people

A Circle of LikeHEARTED Connections

likeminded people

Over the weekend, I was chatting with a dear friend about the idea of surrounding oneself with likeminded people. I shared my thoughts about expanding my network of colleagues to include more people who have the same sorts of interests and could help me grow and thrive in my area of work.

My wise friend turned to me and said “so I think you would like more likeHEARTED people in your life, right?” “Because there is a difference between likeminded and likehearted and I think what we most want are people who share the same values of the heart,” she continued.

Her words struck me with a deep resonance. I had spent the last coupe of years weeding out friends and family who favored negativity and drama over love, peace and true connection, but had I considered doing the same for the people I interact with on a professional level? I felt as though a veil had been lifted – my friend’s words grounded me to all that is important in life – was I choosing to surround myself with others who speak from their hearts infusing passion, love and kindness into their work, or was I focused on connecting with people who had impressive resumes and experience? In all areas of life it is necessary to live this way, yet in the professional realm we often forget that these principles apply and may even be needed more so due to the competitive nature of which the workplace has come to be.

The intentions we lead with on any given project will ultimately yield the vibrations of those intentions. If we collaborate with individuals who speak from their hearts with greed, competitiveness and anger, the end result will possess the attributes of these negative vibrations. On the other hand, if we create professional networks of people who are kind, giving and who are willing to listen, share and teach with a positive loving heart, there is endless inspiration and potential to create something incredible.

The beauty of life is that we get to choose who we allow in it. We can choose to walk away from harmful situations and we can decide to only let in those who bring light, abundance and serenity to our journey. It is up to each of us to seek out the hearts who help ignite a spark in our own – that which will keep us on the true path to ultimate transformation.

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