quotes The universe buries strange jewels

Send Your Dreams Out into the Universe

quotes The universe buries strange jewels


“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic


Have you ever spoken your dreams out loud? Like really articulated from the depths of your soul what makes you come alive? Have you ever taken a prolonged moment to linger and fantasize over the treasures deep in your heart so much so that you could almost feel them rise out of your body and float blissfully into the Universe hoping and praying that she will hold that dream like a mother who coddles her newborn baby?

If you haven’t done this for the million and one reasons we tell ourselves we shouldn’t  (ahem, all based in FEAR) then I suggest you start thinking about taking an hour sometime between now and the New Year to search for those treasures. If your are afraid to acknowledge that which you truly desire, let me ask you this: do you want to live a small life? I’ve heard the term “small life” used many times by great philosophers, poets, artists and writers who have chosen to excavate the treasures in their soul and use them creatively. They bravely decided to not ignore their passions and because of this choice, their lives were filled with experiences that were infinitely bigger, greater and more beautiful then they ever would have known if they chose to silence the spark inside them.

If what I am suggesting seems absurd then I believe you are the person who most needs to start writing down everything you’ve ever wanted to do, but haven’t because you’re afraid, or you think it’s absurd and people will laugh at you, or even worse, perhaps you’ll fail. You see there is something beautiful about just writing down your dreams once a week. There are no strings attached. It’s simply just you taking the first step in realizing what you want and sending a little love note to the Universe asking it to help you along. It’s a gentle process that requires no pressure. For some, this practice will light a strong fire that can no longer be ignored and for others it will be a slower process that leads them closer to their heart creating a new relationship with themselves and the greater world around them. And hell, they may even decide to be brave and start checking off some of the things on that list.

Since this whole reflection is about encouraging others to seek the jewels inside them, I’ll feel that it is only fair that I too bravely share the treasures I’ve come to find in my heart. For three years now, I’ve been dreaming of having a space for people to gather for no other purpose than to feel a sense of love, comfort and community. The idea has evolved over the years and the more I dig at it the more clearly I can see it. It’s taken shape as a beautiful Bed & Breakfast that welcomes travelers into a warm, cozy place filled with love, good food and thoughtful conversation. The hope would also be to bring people together through communal dinners, lectures and events that would support the work we do through our nonprofit Humanity Unified.

I’ve now been sitting on this dream for years and am still waiting for the right circumstances to see it though. I believe the missing link has been finding the right partner, as I don’t see myself going down this road alone. So each day I keep digging as more and more of my vision is slowly and gracefully revealed. I hope that by continuously floating these little thoughts out into this vast Universe, they’ll eventually find their way into the light and back into my heart with all the gifts, sparks and boldness that I need to move forward.

The Universe is waiting for you to discover all the beauty and fire you were gifted with – go find what it is that will create the magic you’ve been longing for.


With love & gratitude,


Co-founder, The Culture-ist


Photo: Anthony Russo

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