Six Coffee Roasters to Watch in 2016


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What are the six coffee brands to watch in 2016? We’ve compiled a short list of some of the best coffee roasters in America who will be making waves this year.

La Colombe

Philadelphia-based coffee roaster La Colombe Torrefaction is flying high with a 2014 venture capital infusion of $28.5 Million and plans for a nationwide expansion. Over 100 stores are planned from coast to coast, with fourteen existing stores – four in Philadelphia, five in New York, three in Chicago, and two in Washington, D.C.. The bombastic co-founder, Todd Carmichael, also has his eye on setting up shop in Los Angeles and San Francisco, two major cities that are experiencing their own coffee renaissance and explosion of micro-roasters.

La Colombe’s expansion has been powered by a harmonious partnership with Chobani founder and guru, Hamdi Ulukaya, who saw the potential for La Colombe coffee to caffeinate patrons at future Chobani cafes (yes, you read that right … fresh Chobani yogurt to go), and as a complement to his own brand. Ulukaya’s entrepreneurial vision can be seen reflected in Todd Carmichael’s daring business moves, as witnessed by La Colombe’s product launch of its draft latte. The latte in a can comes complete with a silky layer of foam and will be available later this year. The release will only further cement La Colombe’s status as an innovator in the industry, on its way to even greater name recognition if it keeps its promise to open 100 stores by 2020

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