These Burger Alternatives Are Better for the Planet (Infographic)

MeatSubstitutes shutterstock_192698807By Alexandra Gandolfo and Jessica Colarossi

All living beings require nutrients to survive, and humans have created an endless variety of diets based on location, culture and health. But what happens when the food we produce starts to damage the health of our planet, the provider of our nourishment? Many scientists and experts argue that this is happening right now. When it comes to the protein we get from animals, such as cows, chickens and fish, the cost to raise and feed these animals is just as expensive financially as it is to the environment. Eating meat is a matter of preference, but protecting our planet from decay is everyone’s responsibility. You don’t have to give up meat entirely, but cutting back could result in less expansive meat production, and therefore less damage to our environment. In the infographic below, we’ve provided some meat-free protein sources that require much less water and produce far less carbon dioxide emissions.

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Alexandra Gandolfo and Jessica Colarossi are students at Emerson College in Boston; Gandolfo is pursuing a graduate degree, and Colarossi is working on her bachelor’s. Follow Gandolfo on Twitter @ally_cat_g and follow Colarossi @heyitsjessc.

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Photograph of quinoa burger by Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock; infographic created by Alexandra Gandolfo and Jessica Colarossi

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