Sweet Revenge

Pair a Cupcake with a Glass of Wine and You’ve Got “Sweet Revenge”

Cupcake and Wine at Sweet Revenge, NYC

Revenge is sweet and no one knows that better than Marlo Scott. After many years of working for “The Man” at some of NYC’s largest media companies, she was forced to reinvent herself. Most of Sott’s career was spent leveraging signature brands to create new customer experiences, which had its challenges and fair share of working under poor management. Scott was great at marketing, but was never ecstatic about working for corporate America, so when she was laid off in 2007 she knew it was time to pursue her passion. And she did — with a vengeance.

Applying her marketing expertise, Scott created a business plan for an idea she had been mixing up during every free moment she wasn’t at The Job. She was finally free to bring the countless cupcake recipes she had tirelessly churned out at night and on weekends to a small cafe she appropriately named Sweet Revenge. Making its home at 62 Carmine Street in NYC’s hipster West Village, the new cafe seemed as if it had always belonged there. Scott decorated the cozy space with dark wooden tables, casual lighting and a bar counter one would expect to find in a chic bistro.

Cupcake and Wine Pairing at Sweet Revenge NYC

The concept was simple yet brilliantly sophisticated: Scott would create a menu that paired beer and wines with swanky cupcakes. Options such as the Dirty, a decadent Valrhona chocolate cake slathered with creamy dark chocolate truffle icing and paired with a dry Pinotage (South Africa), or fruity Kopparberg Pear Cider (Sweden), and the Crimson & Cream, a subtle raspberry red velvet cake topped with smooth cream cheese frosting and paired with a bubbly Raspberry Bellini or Belhaven (Sweden) became two of the four signature pairings.

Each day, an artisan cupcake special is chosen from a list of to-die-for selections like Fleur de Sel, Malaysian Coconut and Carnivale (a Mexican vanilla cake with spiced apple filling and salted caramel frosting). Breakfast, lunch and brunch are also served, each offering a unique selection of sweet and savory dishes. Happy hour is held Monday-Friday from 4-8 p.m. when a glass of Sangria, Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc and a cupcake (artisan specials not included) will cost you a measly $10.

After four years of of running her cupcake cafe,  Scott’s dream of one day owning and implementing her ideas at a place that would flourish with sweet energy has become a reality. She no longer has to answer to “The Man” and she is free to use life experiences to inspire her work in the kitchen as she pleases. Scott’s become a “firm believer that the safest bet is on oneself and the sweetest revenge is just to be happy.”


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