Travel Talk with Randy and Beth of Beers and Beans

beers and beans venice after dark

As your browser loads and the mesmerizing images begin sliding across the screen, it’s hard to do anything but get lost in the colors, movement and electric stories on Beers and Beans Travel Site. There is good photography, and then there are images that tell a story of another place and time. These are the kind of images that inspire, enlighten, make us feel beautiful, make us feel sexy — help us fly — and sometimes just take us far enough away from the place that makes us feel complacent and indifferent. This is the kind of incredible photography you’ll find on Beers and Beans.

With so many travel sites on the web, it’s become difficult to find quality content that is meaningful and can, from time to time, touch your soul. Because, after all, this is the reason so many of us love reading travel stories and clicking through countless photos of faraway lands. We want to fall in love with other’s experiences and live vicariously through them.

I found this on Beers and Beans through Randy’s stories and Beth’s photos (and stories). The two are currently traveling the world and sharing their travel tips, tales and adventures. Their site is loaded with stunning images that tell anecdotes of their own, and are unlike any others I’ve seen. I rarely spend more than a few minutes on most blogs, but I can honestly say that Beers and Beans has captured my attention for an entire hour amongst which I’ve laughed and even shed a few tears.

Intrigued to lean more about Randy and Beth and their travel experiences, we begged 🙂 them to chat with us for a few moments and share some interesting tidbits about their journeys.


Beth & Randy of Beers and Beans in Iceland

Culture-ist Magazine: What is the best early morning experience you’ve had while traveling?

Beers and Beans:
Beth: A hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey with Royal Balloon ““ absolutely amazing!
Randy: Driving up the coast of Iceland at dawn.


Culture-ist Magazine: Do you have an odd neurosis that emerges before you embark on a journey?

Beers and Beans:
Beth: The need to pack every single bath product I’ve used in the past 6 months into a teeny tiny bag.
Randy: The need to find the smallest bag possible to cram all my stuff in.

Culture-ist Magazine: Have you ever “mysteriously” survived a critical situation?

Beers and Beans:
Beth: Sex. Car. Cops. Mexico. But I still managed to get change back from the bribe I paid!
Randy: Hung out with deported gang members in Tijuana, but they had other ideas which included robbing me.


Culture-ist Magazine: If your life as a traveler could be described through the lyrics of a song what song would it be?

Beers and Beans:
Beth: “America” by Simon & Garfunkel
Randy: “Immigration Man” ““ Graham Nash/David Crosby


Culture-ist Magazine: Most profound lesson learned through travel?

Beers and Beans:
Beth: Pay attention to the little details.
Randy: A smile can go a long way.


Culture-ist Magazine: Favorite Town/ Village?

Beers and Beans:
Beth: Lacedonia, Italy
Randy: ÄŒortanovci, Serbia


Culture-ist Magazine: Favorite City? Why?

Beers and Beans:
Beth: Paris, France. The light.
Randy: Venice, Italy. The moveable soundtrack.


Culture-ist Magazine: A person you met along your journeys that you still think about today.

Beers and Beans:
Beth:  My family members in Lacedonia and Rome.
Randy: Ben Rimmer – We met him on a boat in San Ignacio, Mexico a few years back and keep in touch regularly.


Culture-ist Magazine: Biggest gripe with traveling often.

Beers and Beans:  
Beth: Traveling often is awesome, trying to work while traveling often is the hard part.
Randy: Leaving our seven-pound hound Chachy behind.



Beth and Randy are a freewheelin’, 30-something couple with a 7lb hound named Chachy. Beth is a professional photographer and Randy is a professional journalist, and they blog about their adventures on their eclectic travel website Beers and Beans.  Their travel stories have also appeared in USA Today Travel Tips, the San Diego Reader, San Diego Uptown News, BootsnAll Travel Network and other travel websites. You can also find them on Facebook,TwitterGoogle+ & Pinterest.

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