{r}evolution apparel: One Garment, 15 Ways, 100 Percent Recycled

{r}evolution apparel

“What if we chose to live with a little less, so that the future could have a little more?” This is the question Kristen Glenn and Shannon Whitehead, co-founders of {r}evolution apparel, a sustainable clothing line featuring ten pieces that can be mixed and matched to be worn in 100 different ways, are challenging people to consider when it comes to our consuming habits.

In 2008, the young entrepreneurs met while working in Australia, and after parting ways to continue on separate journeys around the world, reconnected a short time later in the U.S. While back at home, the two women realized they were completely disenchanted with the idea of working a typical 9-5 job that would likely require them to spend most of their lives in a cubicle. Travel had inspired them to look beyond a traditional lifestyle and to pursue a career they were passionate about.

Among the many lessons learned abroad, the most powerful taught them that “things” don’t bring happiness. It was the personal encounters and experiences that made their journeys meaningful, not the possessions they carried. They also witnessed the negative impact that rising global consumerism is having on the planet and they wanted to, somehow, play a role in reducing that impact.

So after a year of gathering their thoughts, the girls headed to Central America to explore possibilities for creating a “fashionable, minimalist clothing line for female travelers.” While in Nicaragua, they visited an organic cotton cooperative and began researching recycled fabrics, alternative textiles and organic certifications. Over the next two years, Whitehead and Glenn worked on designs, fabrics, and most importantly, how to create a garment that would have little impact on the environment.

{r}evolution apparel the versalette, kickstarter campaign

In November 2011, the Versalette, a multi-functional, minimalist piece that can be worn in more than 15 different ways, was released from the collection and sold on Kickstarter — 14 days later the project was fully funded. Everything about the line’s signature piece — from fabric to sewing — is made here in the U.S. using 50 percent recycled cotton and 50 percent recycled water bottles — one garment, 15 ways, 100 percent recycled.

Pre-sales of the Versalette will continue until the end of February with the official launch of the full collection beginning in March. For more information on the story behind this unique idea (or if you just want to be inspired for a few moments) check out {r}evolution apparel’s introduction to their sustainable product on Vimeo.


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