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The Discovery of Wine Flour and What it’s Done for Brownies and Pasta

Cabernet Fettuccine? Brut Cacao Cabernet Brownies?  You’re probably wondering if this some kind of weird rendezvous between the French, Italian and Betty Crocker — but it’s not. In fact, the secret ingredient in these delectable foods is something that is sure to please oenophiles and foodies alike.

Thanks to Rachel Klemek, the brilliant pastry chef and owner of Blackmarket Bakery in Irvine, CA, you can now eat wine. The secret is a flour made by drying and milling the pomace (leftover skins and seeds) from cabernet sauvignon after the vintner’s crush. High in antioxidants, iron, fiber and Res-V, the wine flour is a healthful, innovative and delicious ingredient that adds the perfects flare to a variety of recipes.

Klemek sells her Cab creations through Marché Noir, a gourmet food line she created to showcase  her most inventive and exotic food products. The pastry chef believes in “being adventurous with flavor and uncompromising with quality” and that drive for beautiful craftsmanship shines in her pasta, brownies and oh-so-divine brittle.

Klemek also gets the Culture-ist stamp of approval for her clever way of creating something incredible and edible from the leftover skins, which are most often discarded once separated from the wine. Now that’s what we call eco-vino!

 Photo by: RuthL/Flickr


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