Video: The Ultimate Culture-ist: Remembering Steve Jobs and His Passionate Message to Never be Trapped by Dogma

Today most of us will go about our lives in the normal fashion; scrolling through our emails, news feeds, Facebook notifications and Twitter messages. We won’t think about how the technology in our hands has reshaped the way we communicate with one another, or how it has forever changed the way we live.

We may pause to think about the death of Steve Jobs and feel melancholy about the loss of one of the world’s greatest innovators. But then we will go on about our day, communicating in the hi-tech ways we are so used to, never really understanding the true message behind the life of Jobs.

In his commencement address to the Stanford graduates of 2005, Jobs divulges his life story in a 15 minute speech. He makes it clear that he was on a path — one that he could never make sense of in the moment, but looking back understood fully.  He goes on to say that it was because of his willingness to always follow his intuition that he became successful. Jobs stresses the importance of choosing a profession that evokes passion and happiness and to live each day like it was your last.

Its difficult to digest the scope of how Jobs changed our culture on a global scale, but we can absorb his message of unconventionality and strive to live just as he did; fearless and exceptionally.


[youtube UF8uR6Z6KLc]

Photo by: Viktor Hertz/Flickr

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