For the Love of Hawaiian Beer: Because a Locally Crafted Brew Just Tastes Better in Paradise

If you love beer, life may have just gotten a little better for you.  It’s no secret that the key to putting that extra umph into the consumption of this fizzy libation is a stretch of sandy shoreline, two lounge chairs (one for that special someone, or a BFF) and a warm, balmy breeze. There’s something liberating about the marriage of a finely-crafted brew and a tropical island paradise. Beer always seems to taste distinctly better under these circumstances and, well, why wouldn’t it?

So what if all the flavors, scents and pleasure-loaded elements of this tropical paradise could be infused into a can of cold beer that could be easily purchased by a little plastic device? And what if that beer was made in Maui by an award-winning brewery that uses only the best local ingredients and brands its products with cool names like Bikini Blonde and Flyin’ HI.P.Hay?

The company we’re referring to is called Maui Brewing Co. and we dig them not only because their beer is unique, but because they are striving to be as sustainable as possible. Being located in Maui where most drinking occurs on the beach, the company thought it would be smart and practical to package the beer in cans. Unlike glass, cans don’t shatter into little pieces that could potentially pollute the beaches and sea. They are recyclable and lined with an internal coating that separates the liquid from the aluminum to negate any taste of metal and health concerns.

Maui Brewing Co. also converts all the leftover vegetable oil from their pub into bio-fuel that owners Melanie and Garrett use to power their cars and the brewery’s delivery truck. Leftover spent grain from the brewing process is donated to local farms for animal feed and for compost. And very soon the brewpub in Kahana and the production facility in Lahaina will be running on solar energy.

Currently, Maui Brewing Co.’s beer can be purchased in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado and Puerto Rico from various distributors.  And if you’re ever in Kahana, or Lahaina, you can stop by the brewpub for some Kalua pork sliders and a cold CoCoNut PorTeR, or the brewery for an afternoon tasting and tour.  Who knows you may just decide to pack it in and spend the rest of your days imbibing and (bar) diving on the tropical paradise of Hawaii.


Photo by: shyzaboy/Flickr

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