Museo Picasso Malaga

The Museo Picasso Málaga

Málaga’s rich culture, fascinating museums, stunning archaeological remains and monuments from the Phoenician, Roman, Arabian and Christian eras have attracted the attention of visitors the world over. Art, history and architecture buffs pack the city’s archaic squares, restored churches and modern parks to soak up Málaga’s charm.

One of the more popular attractions is the Museo Picasso Málaga located in the Buenavista Palace. Designed by Richard Gluckman along with Isabel Cámara and Rafael Martín Delgado, the building boasts large skylights, sleek lines and a modern flare, which complement the palace’s 16th century structure.

During the tedious conversion of the building that now houses the museum, remnants of several historical sites including an ancient city wall and towers dating back to the Phoenicians, a Roman factory where the fish-based garum sauce was produced, and the earlier Nasrid palace were discovered while excavating the foundation . Visitors may view these archeological discoveries through glass-paneled exhibits in the basement of the museum.

Approximately 155 works of art were donated by members of Picasso’s family, particularly by Christine Ruiz-Picasso, widow of Picasso’s eldest son Paul Ruiz-Picasso and one of the founders (along with husband Paul, and son Bernard) of the Fundación Museo Picasso Málaga.

Among the many Picasso museums throughout the world, the Museo Picasso Málaga stands out as one of the more meaningful places to admire some of the artist’s greatest works, as Málaga was Picasso’s birthplace and home up until the age of 10.

Certainly one of Spain’s most fascinating cities, Málaga offers visitors the chance to become immersed in its authentic culture, architectural beauty and profound history. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind while soaking in the magnificence of past events as they magically unfold during a quiet afternoon stroll.


Photo by: Fran Villena (villano)/Flickr

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