Video: Iceland’s Midnight Sun


We recently came across this video by time-lapse photographer SCIENTIFANTASTIC (Twitter:@scientifantasti), showing the vast and spectacular landscapes of Iceland.  Shooting for 17 days during the summer months of June and July, he experienced the Midnight Sun phenomenon, under which he enjoyed almost six hours daily of “golden light”. To truly appreciate this brilliant video, view […]

The Water: TSO Photography’s Latest Video


Our favorite landscape photographer, Terje Sørgjerd  has released his latest time-lapse video, which captures the majestic fjord landscape in western Norway. He chose Beethoven´s Moonlight Sonata as the music accompaniment to the graceful movement of the photos. He plans to shoot from Mt. Everest for his upcoming project. Photo by: shannonkrigen/Flickr

Video: The Arctic Light

tsophotographt the arctic light

One of my favorite time-lapse photographers, Terje Sorgjerd has released a stunning video that captures “The Arctic Light” phenomenon over Norway’s Lofoten archipelago. The pictures are scattered with vivid contrasts, and the colors and clarity are so astounding that my eyes reflexively bulged from the shock of seeing something so fascinating. Photo by: Guide Gunner-Arctic […]