The Best Luxury Eco-Resorts Around the World


Photo courtesy of Longitude 131°, Voyages Hotels & Resorts Eco-resorts are popping all across the globe — some more laid-back and rustic; others embracing high-end luxury. Many notable eco-resorts have made their home around some of the most raw, undisturbed places on Earth. You may think that building a resort in a pristine setting is an […]

Thailand’s Poor Neighbor Suffers Worst Floods in a Decade


Since July, the media has diligently reported on the floods in Thailand, but seems to have forgotten about its poor neighbor, Cambodia, where approximately three-quarters of the country’s land area is underwater, according to a UN estimate. The situation in both countries is extremely serious, but in Cambodia it is nearing dire. Since the monsoons […]

Photo Essay: The Essence of Thailand


The very essence of Thailand lies in the effortless way she flaunts her beauty, yet remains humble in spirit. She is a melange of colors, flavors and perfumes that adjoin sweetly under a cloak of  balmy sky, and even when she’s restless she does not wear. She is truly magnificent.   Phi Phi Leh Tubkaak […]

Around the Globe Photo of the Day: Idyllic Thailand

photo of krabi thailand

This photo was taken from Tubkaak Beach in Krabi, Thailand. The limestone karsts in the distance are part of the Hong Islands.

“Little Girl”


This little girl was photographed outside of a temple I visited in Chiang Mai,  Thailand. She walked over to me, flexing the fingers of her tiny hand back-and-forth, and said, “mon-ey, mon-ey”. Overwhelmed by her beautiful smile, and enchanting clothing, I handed her the only coin I had in my pocket. She looked at me, […]

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