Pin It: Travel the World – Restoring Land in Mali

Travel the World, Somalia

Travel The World: Mali – We came across this beautiful photo on TREEAID‘s flickr page of Hassimi, who has become a community leader and advocate for the sustainable regeneration of his community’s trees and agriculture.  Hassimi hopes to buy chickens, which will act as a form of pest control once the tree cover begins to grow […]

Pin It: Travel the World – Kenya

kenya children

Travel the World – This photo was taken by our contributing photographer, Caroline Baker, while on a volunteer mission in Kenya.  The school she visited (located in a rural area of the country) had limited resources so most of the children had never seen a map of their own country.  The photo illustrates their excitement […]

Pin It: Travel the World- South African Lion Brothers


  Travel the World – This photo was taken in Phinda Game Reserve, South Africa. After rising from a deep slumber, the lion staring directly into the camera left his brother to mark the surrounding territory and ensure the protection of a kill they had made several hours earlier.      

Pin It: Travel The World – Haiti


Source: Uploaded by user via Susan on Pinterest Travel The World: Haiti - While perusing Pinterest, we found this photo on Annabeth Garrett‘s Love board. The little girl was photographed amidst golden fields in Haiti; her smile, symbolic of the hope that lies in her generation and generations to come.

Eye Candy: Our Favorite Food and Philanthropy Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest is quickly rising as a social platform that can easily hang with Internet elites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  The site, which is currently driving more traffic than Google+ and LinkedIn combined, is filled with visually stimulating photo boards that showcase a range of topics from weddings, to travel, to food and more recently, […]

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