Pin It: Travel the World – Restoring Land in Mali

Travel the World, Somalia

Travel The World: Mali – We came across this beautiful photo on TREEAID‘s flickr page of Hassimi, who has become a community leader and advocate for the sustainable regeneration of his community’s trees and agriculture.  Hassimi hopes to buy chickens, which will act as a form of pest control once the tree cover begins to grow […]

Pin It: Travel the World – Kenya

kenya children

Travel the World – This photo was taken by our contributing photographer, Caroline Baker, while on a volunteer mission in Kenya.  The school she visited (located in a rural area of the country) had limited resources so most of the children had never seen a map of their own country.  The photo illustrates their excitement […]

Pin It: Travel the World- South African Lion Brothers


  Travel the World – This photo was taken in Phinda Game Reserve, South Africa. After rising from a deep slumber, the lion staring directly into the camera left his brother to mark the surrounding territory and ensure the protection of a kill they had made several hours earlier.      

Pin It: Travel The World – Haiti


Source: Uploaded by user via Susan on Pinterest Travel The World: Haiti – While perusing Pinterest, we found this photo on Annabeth Garrett‘s Love board. The little girl was photographed amidst golden fields in Haiti; her smile, symbolic of the hope that lies in her generation and generations to come.

Eye Candy: Our Favorite Food and Philanthropy Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest is quickly rising as a social platform that can easily hang with Internet elites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  The site, which is currently driving more traffic than Google+ and LinkedIn combined, is filled with visually stimulating photo boards that showcase a range of topics from weddings, to travel, to food and more recently, […]

Pin It: Travel The World – Antigua, Guatemala


Travel the World: Antigua, Guatemala – This photo was taken on Arc Street in Antigua, Guatemala. The street, named after the beautiful Arc of Santa Catalina, is bursting with artisan shops, small restaurants and the colors, sights and sounds of this vibrant city.

Pin It to Spread Awareness: Child Brides of Yemen


                                                                       Source: via Culture-ist on Pinterest This image, taken in June 2010 by Stephanie Sinclair for National Geographic magazine, shows child brides posing with their husbands outside […]

Pin It: Flying over Jaisalmer


Source: via Culture-ist on Pinterest Simon Christen entered this photo in the 2011 National Geographic Photo contest.  The very action of this woman flying a kite conjures nostalgia of childhood and gives one an utter sense of freedom. For more photos like this one, visit our Travel The World Pinterest board.

Pin It: Out of Many We are One