Children of Apartheid (Photo)

Apartheid in South Africa

  Children of apartheid–  This photo, taken in 1982, was shot in Ekuvukene, a “resettlement” village in KwaZulu-Natal.  During apartheid,  millions of black South Africans were forcibly moved to such villages called black “homelands”. The resettlements became the largest force movement of people in peacetime history. Photo by: flickr/United Nations Photo

Where in the World?


This photo was taken in Andringitra National Park by Effervescing Elephant. The park is known for its rough terrain, deep valleys and ridges. It is also one of the most biologically diverse and endemic places in all of Madagascar; more than 100 different species of birds,  50 species of mammals, and 55 species of frogs are known to inhabit the park.

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Photo: Elephant Tears


This photo was taken on a South African wildlife game reserve after the matriarch (as seen here) defended her young and the rest of her herd from a pride of famished lions. Tired and wounded, she guided the herd along the parched earth to safety.

Photo: Union Square Holiday Market

union square holiday market nyc

This photo was shot from the sixth story of a retail building across the street from the Union Square Holiday Market. The market is operated by Urban Space Management and is held each year in Union Square between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

“Little Girl”


This little girl was photographed outside of a temple I visited in Chiang Mai,  Thailand. She walked over to me, flexing the fingers of her tiny hand back-and-forth, and said, “mon-ey, mon-ey”. Overwhelmed by her beautiful smile, and enchanting clothing, I handed her the only coin I had in my pocket. She looked at me, […]