A Recap of Violence Against Occupy Protesters on May Day

Violence against Occupy Protesters on May Day

Yesterday, hundreds of Occupy protesters and labor activists gathered in cities all across the world to mark International Workers Day, or May Day, to show their support for economic equality. The movement called for a general strike among laborers, which went unheeded by the community at large. More than 125 cities in the United States, Europe […]

Photo of the Day: Chaos from the #OWS Protests in Gotham City

occupy wall street protests

This photo was taken on the morning of November 17 during Occupy Wall Street’s “Day of Action” protests at the intersection of Broadway and Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street: It’s Time to Refocus and Occupy Politics


As I prepare for my morning commute to work, I’m reading numerous articles about November 17 — Occupy Wall Street’s “Day of Action.” Every article, tweet, and newscast mentions Occupy Wall Street “shutting down the stock exchange”, and occupying subways and bridges across the country. While that may draw the attention of the media, I’m […]

Friday’s Food for Thought: A Roundup of Some of the Week’s Most Interesting Stories

reading paper ethopia

Here’s a roundup of some of the week’s most interesting stories (at least we think so).   The New York Times: Women in India: Bringing in the Other Half Green Biz: Organic Farming and the Rise of “Green Pesticides” GOOD: A Step-by-Step Guide to Leaving Your Big Predatory Bank The Daily Beast: Somalia’s Mother Theresa […]

The 99 Percent: A Wall Street Employee’s Quest to Understand the Occupy Wall Street Movement – Part I


I will admit it. I spent the first two weeks following the protest’s inception walking by Zuccotti park each weekday morning thinking “who are these people, why are they getting in the way of my commute, what are they complaining about, and why don’t they get a job? Freeloaders, taking my tax dollars and spending […]

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