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weird americans

Americans Have the Weirdest Habits of Any Culture in the World (INFOGRAPHIC)

In the study, “The Weirdest People in the World,” behavioral scientists from the University of British Columbia in Canada … [Continue Reading...]

flourless bread recipe

Gluten Free Godsend: Flourless Bread Recipe

This recipe comes courtesy of our incredibly talented mother, Lynne Russo Flourless Bread Recipe: Makes 1 … [Continue Reading...]

conflict palm oil plantation

Conflict Palm Oil: How Your Candy May Contribute to Modern Slavery, Climate Change and Orangutan Extinction

By Gemma Tillack, Senior Forest Campaigner for Rainforest Action Network It's hard to believe that chocolate rabbits can … [Continue Reading...]

Outside of New College chapel Oxford

Evensong in Oxford

Margaret Barthel In the evening, Oxford takes an elongated collective breath. Its pulse, frenetic during the day--the direct … [Continue Reading...]

chocolate avocado mousse recipe

The Perfect Breakfast: Chocolate Avocado Mousse with Chopped Almonds

This power breakfast recipe is a great way to get in some essential healthy fats and proteins after that big glass of warm … [Continue Reading...]

Coffee Plantations, Spice Gardens and Farms: 8 Eco-Luxe Agritourism Stays

Coffee Plantations, Spice Gardens and Farms: 8 Eco-Luxe Agritourism Stays

By Ariana Chomitz Sip Darjeeling grown minutes from your breakfast table, brush the dirt from a garden snack, and feel the … [Continue Reading...]

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Get Cultured Langkawi: A Guide to Malaysia’s Archipelago Eden

Vanessa Workman tempts us with the cultural beauty and alluring landscapes of Langkawi, Malaysia's … [Read More...]

Mexico City centro feature

A Guide to Mexico City’s Eclectic Array of Sights, Food and Rich History

By Lane Florsheim I will admit that before visiting Mexico City earlier this June, I completely … [Read More...]

Christa at Machu Picchu

Peru: An Armchair Tour Through Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu

By Christa Russo Peru is one of those places that make iconically beautiful countries like South … [Read More...]

istanbul - blue mosque

Get Cultured: Istanbul – A Guide to this Eclectic City and its Hip Neighborhoods

Dilara Apa, editor-in-chief of The Guide Istanbul takes us on an armchair tour of Istanbul's most … [Read More...]

stingray city cayman islands

Get Cultured: Cayman – A Local Guide that Begins and Ends at the Cotton Tree

Heather Lockington, owner of the luxury boutique hotel Cotton Tree, gives us an armchair tour of … [Read More...]


Get Cultured: Lecce — A Local Guide to the Coastal Gem of Southern Italy

Silvestro Silvestori, owner of the cooking school The Awaiting Table, provides us with an almost … [Read More...]