Tea and the Far East: A Travel Reading in Princeton’s Most Eclectic Cafe

best cafe in princeton

Photo by Matt Minucci PRINCETON, New Jersey – Last Wednesday evening, The Culture-ist and Absolute Travel hosted “Tea and the Far East” a travel reading featuring stories from journalists Charu Suri, David Farley, and Tom Downey at Infini-T Cafe located in the center of town on Hulfish Street. The reading attracted residents from the greater Princeton area […]

Travel Talk with Adam Goldstein, CEO of Hipmunk

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We caught up with Adam Goldstein, CEO of Hipmunk to learn about some of his best moments while traveling… Culture-ist Magazine: What is the best early morning experience you’ve had while traveling? Goldstein: Showing up too late to check in, but then the airline making an exception and letting me check in anyway. Culture-ist Magazine: If […]

Travel Talk with Jeff Greif, Editor in Chief of Travel Squire


Jeff Greif knows a thing or two about travel. In fact, he’s sometime referred to as the Travel Squire. If his nickname sounds familiar it’s probably because you’ve perused the free online magazine he runs as founder and editor in chief, known as no other but Travel Squire. Covering everything from luxury destinations, travel news […]

Travel Talk with Photographer Ken Kaminesky

Ken Kaminesky - Maligne Lake boathouse in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

You may have seen his work on the cover of National Geographic, or as the featured image above an article on one of your favorite websites. His photos are also regularly circulated on Twitter, Stumble Upon and Facebook, sometimes receiving thousands of views from users across the globe. Specializing in commercial lifestyle images for stock […]

Travel Talk With Grant Martin, Editor in Chief of Gadling

Travel Talk with Grant Martin Editor of Gadling

As a part of the AOL enterprise, Gadling has been one of the go-to travel blogs for budget and adventure travelers. Originally trained as a Materials Scientist, editor in chief, Grant Martin, likes to stir things up from his home base in Chicago where he pushes the site to stay ahead of the game and […]

Travel Talk With Joe Diaz, Co-Founder of AFAR

Joe looking up...

Photo by: Nina Dietzel American writer, Henry Miller, once said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Miller understood that travel was more than just a visit to someplace new, but rather an experience that enlightens and educates, humbles and exposes — shifting the traveler’s perspective, bringing him closer to […]

Travel Talk with Randy and Beth of Beers and Beans

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As your browser loads and the mesmerizing images begin sliding across the screen, it’s hard to do anything but get lost in the colors, movement and electric stories on Beers and Beans Travel Site. There is good photography, and then there are images that tell a story of another place and time. These are the kind of […]

Travel Talk with Carpet Dealer and Avid Traveler, Katrina Mauro

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Some people travel to explore and end up finding their destiny along the way. That’s just what happend to Katrina Mauro, a NYC-based carpet dealer. As someone who searched for the perfect keepsake from each country she visited, Katrina realized she had a knack for finding beautiful crafts that held the cultural essence of the […]