Here’s What’s Happening in the Australian Craft Beer Scene

craft beer australia

The Australian beer market has come a long way since three players dominated it in the 1990s. Today, Australia’s beer industry consists of more than 130 breweries. This infographic explores the rise of the craft beer sector, which makes up an astonishing AUD$3 billion per year, and looks at the demographics of who’s enjoying it and […]

6 Must-Have Travel Apps

travel app

Smartphone photo via Shutterstock By Aimee Millwood All you tech-savvy travelers know there are plenty of apps out that can help ease the logistical troubles of wanderlusting. But with so many apps on the market, which will actually help you with the obstacles travelers run into most? Never fear, our traveling team has compiled their […]

50 Things Every Traveler Should Know Before Exploring the World

Tips for world travel

When traveling to another country it’s  important to obtain some background information on the destinations you plan to visit. Taking the time to acquire some knowledge about a country’s history, formalities, and basic nuances relating to the local culture will reflect a deep appreciation from you as a visitor. The infographic below gives a myriad […]

5 Free Language Learning Apps for the Culture-Obsessed Traveler


By Daphne Auza Hotel and flight bookings, transportation services and converting currencies are just some of the reasons why the smartphone has become one of the frequent traveler’s most vital companions. However, the smartphone now provides another service that can prove helpful for your next international venture. Several developers have created innovative language learning apps […]

How Travel Can Reveal the Staleness and Stagnancy in Our Lives

finding yourself during travel

By Silvia Mordini When you travel, your habits reveal themselves. You learn what triggers impatience, fear, anxiety, physical patterns of pacing, sitting and standing, and where your body holds tension. The more that travel reveals, the less we can blame on our home environment and circumstances. Being away from our typical routine shows us where […]

6 Cities in Europe that Offer the Best Cultural Experiences (INFOGRAPHIC)

culture capital of europe

Did you know that London has been rated as the 55th most livable city in the world, or that Paris has the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants? Barcelona ranks in as the city with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Amsterdam is the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh and Ann Frank. This infographic, created […]

Doc-in-a-Bag: A Comprehensive Travel Safety Kit That Thinks for You

Doc in a Bag Teavel Safety Kit - Jeanine Barone

By Divya Patwari We caught up with Jeanine Barone, a well-known independent journalist who has written for many reputable travel publications, from National Geographic Traveler to Conde Nast Traveler. Whether it’s providing the best packing tips, discussing how to stay healthy on the road or trekking through the interior of Corsica to find the best trails, […]