The Descendants: In Search of the Kalahari San

The home of the Bushman

By Christopher Clark Each time I drive into the vast, burning expanse of the Kalahari, leaving nothing but a trail of dust in my wake as the road cuts straight through like a dagger, part of me feels as if I am heading towards the end of the earth. Or maybe it’s the beginning. I can […]

Living a Minimalist Life in Ghana

canoe ride in ghana

 Canoe ride in Ghana photo via Shutterstock Writer and human rights activist, Jacquelene Adam lives in Ghana where she is working with an anti-trafficking organization. She shares with us how she has embraced a simpler, more meaningful way of life. When you learn to live without modern conveniences, it can greatly expand your ability to create new ways to use […]

Country in Transition: A Moving Photo Essay from Egypt

Egypt Culture

By Kimberly Bryant As culturally fertile as it is politically fraught, Egypt is a country that requires deep, nuanced exploration in order to even begin to understand its heart. When I visited Cairo and South Sinai for several months in early 2013, I wasn’t prepared for the kind of emotional impact the people and my experiences […]

Under the Shadow of Cape Town Lies Langa, a Town Where Things are Not as They Appear

Langa Township South Africa

By Michael Cavanagh The pitter-patter of small feet trailed soft giggles as we made our way down the narrow road, following us with apparent giddiness. The scene was otherwise unremarkable. Construction workers toiled under the midday sun to alleviate curbside drainage issues while passing vehicles cautiously navigated the buzzing neighborhood. Residents made their way to […]

The Boutique Collection: Luxury in the Bush at Exeter River Lodge

Exeter River Lodge Porch

In a secluded corner of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve’s western sector, &Beyond‘s Exeter River Lodge rests amidst a grove of ebony trees situated at the edge of the Sand River. Guests will delight in the freedom of being immersed in one of Africa’s most pristine and wild settings while enjoying all the comforts of […]