These Indian Inspired Sandals Are Made From Natural Rubber From Family-Owned Farms

guru sandals

Prem Thomas, creator of Guru Sandals, has completely redesigned the sandal game, introducing a sandal that is fashionable, comfortable, and for a good cause.Taking inspiration from the ancient wood methiyedi (meth-ee-yed-ee) sandal, Prem loved the artistic design and soon found out that the traditional design was worn by his grandfather and prominent individuals of modern […]

How this Manhattan Bookstore’s New Look is Taking Customers Places

idlewood books

CURATED BY NIKI DE WITT Manhattan’s Idlewild Books, an independent travel bookstore, has rebranded their image with the help of designer Andrew Colin Beck. The new look draws inspiration from 1960s travel mementos, transforming, among other things, simple price tags into souvenir-worthy tickets. The new look has been met with success, and helps give their […]

At Bucketfeet, Artists Find a Platform for Their Art on Shoes


BucketFeet, a globally inspired, artist driven footwear brand was co-founded in 2011 by then 20-somethings Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani. The two first crossed paths in 2008 while volunteering with children in the villas outside Buenos Aires, Argentina. Aaron had a history of designing custom shoes and Raaja was an ex-banker turned backpacker. The two were […]

In Cappadocia, French Jeweler Reshapes Turkish Style with Meteorites and More

Shooting Star jewelry Cappadocia

By Anna Frisk For an artist, the curious and otherworldly landscape of Turkey’s Cappadocia landscape can offer an instant zing of inspiration. For Leonie Zikos, a French artist turned jeweler, it was exactly that. “I’m a painter and the first time I came here I felt really inspired. I found myself coming back as often as I could, until I […]

This Crowdfunding Campaign Hopes to Save 50 Small Family Farms in Mexico

mexico farmer

Despite the $7 billion of Mexico’s fresh fruit and vegetables consumed by Americans each year, most small family farms south of the border remain impoverished. Among the hardest hit by the inequities of the NAFTA agreement, over half of rural Mexicans today live in poverty, 25% of them in extreme poverty. Fancy Fresh Farms“” an […]

How One Canadian Couple Took a Leap and Became Fine Wine Merchants of the East

Ginsberg + Chan

By Tammy Allman “Never mix business with pleasure,” they say.  But that’s exactly what married couple Mandy Chan and Jason Ginsberg decided to do when they moved from Canada to Hong Kong in 2009 with their two young children to establish their own fine vintage wine business. It was the biggest gamble of their lives. Having […]

How Great Leaders Use Passion, Purpose and Principles to Inspire Their Team

Tony Hsieh

Jeremy Kingsley, author of the new book Inspired People Produce Results:  How Great Leaders Use Passion, Purpose and Principles to Unlock Incredible Growth, has some important insights into the role of purpose in leadership.   As the leader of your team, you must clearly understand and be able to pass on the purpose of your organization and your team’s […]

Humanity.TV: A New Kind of Travel Documentary for the People by the People

Farmer near Himachal Pradesh, India

A new kind of travel television — an interactive tablet series that focuses on people and their culture in two-to-three minute short films — has taken flight. Founded by Kerrin Sheldon and Gaston Blanchet, Humanity.TV, seeks to tell stories from around the world through the words and experiences of the local people. Rather than watching a TV host […]