Pin It: Travel the World – Australia

australia 1

Double rainbow reflections NSW Australia Note from the photographer: ‘I didn’t see the second rainbow until I loaded the photo into my computer…..(I’m short sighted and never wear glasses while taking photos. Its a painful really…) It was early morning, it was raining, cloudy…. but it was amazing…’ by Linh_rOm/flickr   Rural Australia by -syauqee-/flickr   Kata Tjuta […]

Pin It: Travel the World – Restoring Land in Mali

Travel the World, Somalia

Travel The World: Mali – We came across this beautiful photo on TREEAID‘s flickr page of Hassimi, who has become a community leader and advocate for the sustainable regeneration of his community’s trees and agriculture.  Hassimi hopes to buy chickens, which will act as a form of pest control once the tree cover begins to grow […]

Pin It: Travel the World – A Goat and a Bicycle in Kerala

goat in kerala

Travel the World: Kerala - This photo was taken on a side street in Fort Cochin, Kerala. Here, it’s very common to see goats wandering the streets in search of scraps and water. This particular animal appeared to like the attention of our camera, as he turned his head and posed with each click. We felt […]

Pin It: Travel the World – Chinese Fishing Nets of Fort Cochin, Kerala

chinese fishing nets fort cochin, kerala

Travel the World…This photo was taken in Fort Cochin, Kerala from the edge of the net’s platform. The Chinese fishing nets were first introduced in the 18th century by Chinese explorer Zheng He. The massive mechanical contrivances hold out horizontal nets of 20 m or more across. Each structure is at least 10 m high and comprises a cantilever […]

Pin It: Travel the World – Lions of the Masai Mara

Lions and zebra_

Travel the World: Masai Mara - This photo was taken on a morning game drive in the Masai Mara National Reserve. We watched the male lion sit back and wait for his meal while the female lion took on the zebra.   Caroline Baker, Contributing Photographer For 15 years, Caroline Baker has been photographing landscapes, wildlife, people from across the […]

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