Looking to Support Local? Here’s an Awesome Map of Indie Coffee Shops in Brooklyn

Map of indie coffee shops in brooklyn

A collaboration of the Social Computing Group and the MIT Media lab, You Are Here is a project to create a map of every city in which the creators have lived. The maps are an “aggregate of thousands of microstories, tracing the narratives of (their) collective experience.” The project aims to develop 100 different maps […]

Insight: Swing by this Convivial Café in Valencia’s Old City

el columpio valencia

By James Killin To describe El Mercat as the heart of Valencia’s Ciutat Vella, the muscular hub of the Old City, would belie its own venous intricacies. Its centrepoint is, naturally, the lustrous Mercat Central, but stray down any path and you surrender to an egalitarian irregularity, by which you might just as easily stumble […]

Exploring Malaysia’s States Through Coffee


By Amanda Slavinsky Walking into Calanthe Art Cafe, the first thing you notice is the colorful artwork that adorns the walls — painted murals of nature; a tile mosaic that forms the shape of the sun; framed works of local artists; and a large map of Malaysia. This cafe, located on a side street off […]

Insight: Food That Heals in Phnom Penh


By Amanda Slavinsky Food and the act of eating gives sustenance to the body, providing the means for people to survive. By eating at one particular restaurant in Phnom Penh, diners can give sustenance to not only themselves, but to the local community as well. Romdeng, part of the global Tree Alliance, opens its doors […]

Cultures and Landscapes of Southern India, a Stunning Photo Essay

Cultures and Landscapes of Southern India

By Kimberly L Bryant Exploring southern India thoroughly could easily take years upon years; the south is filled with numerous cultures, cuisines, dialects, and landscapes. Moving from one state to the next sometimes feels like traveling to different countries altogether. In Kovalam, I often went down to the beach and played in the water with […]

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