10 Ways to Green Your Halloween


Halloween is a holiday that can sometimes get a bit too dressed up with unnecessary additions like expensive costumes, large sacks of candy that eventually harden and get chucked in the trash around Christmas, and herds of gourds that grow feet of mold and run away in springtime. We thought it might be cool to […]

A Story About the Extinction of Coral Reefs From 2065

great barrier reef

As of late, Upworthy has been promoting a special series that talks about saving The Great Barrier Reef—- in case you didn’t know, it’s expected to be completely gone by 2050. The video is a fictional story projected into the future, after coral reefs and the organisms that thrive off of them, have been wiped […]

China’s Hormone Economy: Virtual Significant Others for Sale, Meeting Not Included

virtual rose

By James Franklin Whitehead They are the band of online sweethearts roaming the social sphere, heating lonely hearts, and fueling China’s rising hormone economy: the untouchable lovers. Recently picked up in parts of the media, these are the girls who sell “pretty online girlfriend packages” on the online marketplace Taobao (known as China’s version of […]

Noble Nonprofits: IRC – Meet an Aid Worker on the Front Lines of West Africa’s Ebola Crisis

irc in liberia ebola

Emmanuel Boyah, the International Rescue Committee’s primary health manager stationed in Liberia confronts the harsh reality of the Ebola outbreak in hard-hit Lofa County. According to the World Health Organization, more than 240 health care workers have been infected with Ebola in West Africa and of the 240 victims, at least half have died from the virus. […]

Boulder Fights for Local, Sustainable Power


  Curated by Seanna Pratt Boulder, CO. is well known for its “green” community, and this campaign for local power is another step in the right direction. Being that “[their] community has one of the most carbon intensive fuel supplies in the country,” the city’s goal is to reduce the use of non-renewable resources and […]

13 B&Bs on the Vineyard

vineyard in tuscany

Love wine? Why not try something a bit more intimate on your next visit to a vineyard and stay among rows of grape vines in a quiet, picturesque setting?  These 13 bed and breakfasts are located in the world’s top wine hotspots. Click each image for more information. Feature vineyard photo via shutterstock