Watch Russell Brand School Fox News Regarding Climate Change

Russell Brand climate change

It’s no secret Fox News will go to any length to support their boss, Rupert Murdoch and his precious investments in oil companies. So, not surprisingly, most (if not all) of the news organization’s coverage on Climate Change is ludicrous, to put things mildly. In this video, actor and comedian, Russell Brand kicks up some […]

GeekGirlCon: Pushing Back Against Sexism in Geek Culture


By Catherine Kyle In 2011, I attended the first-ever GeekGirlCon, an annual convention held in Seattle, Washington dedicated to establishing a safe and inviting space for self-identified female geeks. As I listened to various talks and became acquainted with the members of my own panel, a session that focused on the idea of the female […]

In Senegal, a Tree of Life Nurtures the Poor

moringa tree

By Lauren Seibert When I arrived in Senegal and started working in nutrition and development for the Peace Corps, I couldn’t believe I had never heard of Moringa Oleifera. How could such a plant be spreading so rapidly across the developing world – a solution for fighting malnutrition and soil degradation, generating income, treating unclean […]

Small Cities for Beer Lovers


Beer glasses and crayfish via Shutterstock By Diana Smith When it comes to great American beer cities, we’re all familiar with the major ones.  Milwaukee, San Diego, Boston, Denver, Portland, Ore. and so on, these sizable hubs undoubtedly have the brewing thing down. But they’re not the only ones. In addition to laying claim to some […]

13 B&Bs on the Vineyard

vineyard in tuscany

Love wine? Why not try something a bit more intimate on your next visit to a vineyard and stay among rows of grape vines in a quiet, picturesque setting?  These 13 bed and breakfasts are located in the world’s top wine hotspots. Click each image for more information. Feature vineyard photo via shutterstock

10 of the Most Remote Places on Earth to Visit

Tsingy national park

As travelers, we’re always fascinated when we meet other travelers who only seek to explore the most remote places on Earth. Some people believe that the more arduous the journey the more beautiful, enchanting and pristine the destination will be. What is your experience? Check out the list below and let us know what other […]

Who Am I? The Self-Exploration of a Third Culture Kid

third culture kid

By Ana Prundaru I’m a third culture kid. My home is floating somewhere along the airport buzz, between flavorless in-flight meals and random conversations with strangers. I receive my daily vitamins from an airport Starbucks and my entire belongings fit into a Samsonite Hyperspace 17 upright. I boarded my first International flight to China at the […]