Short Stories Everyone Should Read by 30

best short stories

BY STEPHANIE KASHETA  The Distance of the Moon by Italo Calvino. This is one of my favorite stories of all time and it happens to be a part of Calvino’s larger work of linked stories Cosmicomics. The stories are built around a scientific fact involving the history of the universe. The Distance of the Moon is […]

Perseverance in Nepal

nepal orphanage

By Shelby Welinder Pushpa Basnet stands in the courtyard outside her damaged orphanage. A force to be reckoned with, she directs 40-some children about their daily chores and routines. She anxiously looks up at the neighboring and ominous three-story building that’s ready to collapse onto her home at any moment. Despite the looming battle of […]

Vegetarian Indian Recipes to Make at Home

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  BY STEPHANIE KASHETA My mother introduced me to Indian food at a very young age and forever ruined me for all other foods. In my mind, there is no cuisine in the world that can compare to the depth of flavors resident in traditional Indian dishes. In Las Vegas, my husband and I ate at […]

Five Novels to Read Prior to Traveling to the UK

british novels

BY STEPHANIE KASHETA While travel guides are all well and good, I feel the most crucial way to immerse yourself in the sensibility of a country is to read several novelists who hail from it. This being said, here are five books to read prior to your trip to the UK. A.S. Byatt’s Possession Byatt has […]

In Manhattan, 4 Ways to Get Up, Stand Up for Earth Day

Earth Day - Connect with Nature

Earth. We live here. So why do we need to delegate one day as Earth Day? Is it just another thing for “hippies” to strap on their activism boots for? Maybe in some cases, but historically speaking, the day was initiated on the heels of the anti-war movement. During the 1960‘s, science made great advances […]

Why Life Is Better As a Girl’s Girl


By Katarina Kovacevic I haven’t always been a girl’s girl. As a teenager, there was the typical adolescent cattiness between me and my friends: two of us would hop on the phone, call the third and try our hardest to pull out some piece of scandal from the unsuspecting girl. Or, we’d buy the same […]

Share Your Story and Help Make Access to Medication Affordable in the USA

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Every year $5 billion of usable medications are destroyed, flushed down the toilet or dumped. SIRUM, a California-based nonprofit organization that facilitates the donations of medications, is working towards getting health facilities, pharmacies and hospitals, manufacturers and wholesalers, and others in the industry to donate these unopened unexpired medications to people in need. Because SIRUM makes donation […]