Must Travel: 35 of The Clearest Waters in the World

clearest waters in the world

From the Philippines, to Turkey to Cuba and back around to New Zealand, these waters are some of the clearest and the most mesmerizing the world over. If you are a beach or lake lover these spots are a must visit and worth the travel time and effort. All destinations hold an interesting culture to […]

Gorgeous Sustainable Prefab Homes Built From…Straw Bale?

Modcell straw bale prefab home

A company in the UK called ModCell, has taken an innovative approach that merges straw bale construction with prefabricated panels, creating a beautiful, energy-efficient, sustainable prefab home. The homes are not suitable for every climate, but if the circumstances are right the homes are air-tight, mold resistant and incredibly insulated…Continue reading…  

Saudi Arabia’s First All-Women Law Firm Opens its Doors

Saudi Arabia women law firm

Curated from RT The country’s first female law firm has opened its doors to protect women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, two months after its founder along with three other female lawyers were granted licenses to practice law in the traditionally patriarchal kingdom. Now Saudi women can seek help, advice and legal aid from Bayan Mahmoud […]

The Optimal Times to Drink Coffee (INFOGRAPHIC)

the best time to drink coffee

Did you know that there is actually a science to when to imbibe coffee? It seems that most of us are actually giving our bodies a jolt of caffeine right around the time we naturally produce one. The result can increase the body’s tolerance to caffeine, raising the amount needed to receive an energy boost. […]

Would You Take a Coed Naked Yoga Class?

naked yoga

Curated from New York Magazine New York’s unclothed yoga scene is no longer just for dudes. Chelsea’s Le Male Yoga — which, as the name suggests, previously specialized in naked yoga for men — is now Bold & Naked Yoga, a studio that also provides all-female nude classes, as well as some for “co-ed groups and […]

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