#itsaGirlThing: This is One of the Most Amazing Videos You’ll Ever See About Women Rising Against Impossible Odds


Curated by Seanna Pratt This video, created by the NGO, Plan-International, is a kick ass tribute to the 1 billion girls around the world that are facing tragedy, oppression and abuse, yet choose everyday to rise above and beat impossible odds. The organization created the video in honor of International Day of the Girl, a day declared […]

The 9 Best Jobs for Women

best jobs for woman

The nature of employment for women has dramatically changed since the dawn of the 21st century, and what are considered the “best” jobs for women in 2014 may just surprise you. The 9 Best Jobs for Women By The Culture-ist The nature of employment for women has dramatically changed since the dawn of the 21st century, […]

12 Gender Issues Affecting Women Around the World

gender issues women

Women account for half of the world’s population yet continue to face extreme hardships that affect their well-being and livelihoods. 12 Gender Issues Affecting Women Around the World By The Culture-ist Lack of Access to Education By The Culture-ist A quarter of girls aged 15-24 (116 million) in developing countries have never completed primary school. Of the […]

This May be the Most Important Speech on Feminism of Our Time (VIDEO)

emma watson un speech

Emma Watson’s UN speech is making headlines around the world. The “Harry Potter”actress spoke at the UN for her recently launched He For She Campaign, a U.N. solidarity movement for gender equality.  In her speech, Watson explains how the notion of “Feminism” has gone wrong and calls for men to actively partake in the campaign, which addresses […]

GeekGirlCon: Pushing Back Against Sexism in Geek Culture


By Catherine Kyle In 2011, I attended the first-ever GeekGirlCon, an annual convention held in Seattle, Washington dedicated to establishing a safe and inviting space for self-identified female geeks. As I listened to various talks and became acquainted with the members of my own panel, a session that focused on the idea of the female […]

Block Shop Sisters and the Painted Scarves from Rajasthan

block shop textiles

  By Agnieszka Bielecka What happens when you bring together two talented sisters, Indian textile artisans and inspirations from the American desert? The answer would be: Block Shop Textiles, a Los Angeles-based company run by Lily and Hopie Stockman. Back in 2010, while Lily was living in India, she fell in love with traditional textiles from the […]