50 Things Every Traveler Should Know Before Exploring the World

When traveling to another country it’s  important to obtain some background information on the destinations you plan to visit. Taking the time to acquire some knowledge about a country’s history, formalities, and basic nuances relating to the local culture will reflect a deep appreciation from you as a visitor. The infographic below gives a myriad of tips for travelers who have their hearts set on exploring the world.
50 things a traveller should know before exploring the world

50 Things a Traveller Should Know [Infographic] by the team at Travel Bag


  • http://www.angloadventure.com AmandaHalm

    51. Know that there isn’t a myriad of tips, or myriad of tips. There are precisely 50.

    I couldn’t get past that to even read the tips. I don’t mean to be a jerk. I really like your website, which is why I commented.

    • Louise

      A myriad:
      1. a very great or indefinitely great number of person’s or things.
      2. ten thousand

      So basically it’s either a lot, or ten thousand.

      Surely when it’s put in the context of travel tips, 50 can be a myriad of tips. I mean how many would they have to put to officially reach your high vocab standards? 50 seems like a lot of tips to me.

      I’m not being a jerk, but……

  • http://www.brktrail.com Breaking Trail

    These are great tips! Brings back some great travel memories! Thanks for posting it!

  • http://www.roundtheworldwego.com Adam @ Round the World we go

    Snap! http://www.roundtheworldwego.com/50-things-a-traveller-should-know/ 😉

    It’s a brilliant infographic! Tell me – what was your score? 😀

  • http://www.blackfrogpublishing.wordpress.com Kirsty McGregor

    Great infographic!

  • http://www.beyondmyfrontdoor.com Anwar

    I generally don’t care much for the infographics but i really liked this one, it was cute and it was a fun “test” of travel knowledge.

  • http://www.homeexchange50plus.com/ Brian Luckhurst from Home Exchange 50plus

    An interesting and fun list.

  • http://elegantfrequenttraveller.com Elegant Traveller

    Great and so true!

  • Luisa

    I love the graphics! But, I’m sorry to say, the info is really confusing. I actually tried to take the test, but the answers is really mixed up (especially towards the end) so I couldn’t read if I was right or not.