It’s All About Pie: 7 Tips for Making the Perfect Summer Dessert

pie fourth of july dessert

These tips and recipes come courtesy of the NY Times.

Twenty Pies to Make This Summer – Revel in the season with a pie (or a tart, or a cobbler). Here are 20 recipes to carry you through the warm months.

With Pies, Beauty Is More Than Crust Deep – A new crop of artisanal bakers, from Brooklyn to Yonkers, specialize in pies that are each as idiosyncratic as its maker. By Ligaya Mishan

It’s What’s Inside the Pie That Counts – Cake calls out from the center of the table, knowing you will come back for more. The pie is humble, rarely getting its dinner-party due, but it is whimsical and deeply evocative. By Jennifer Steinhauer.

pie for fourth of july

Andrew Carmellini on Pie – “Don’t try to make a pie too fancy. That’s really the most important thing,” says the celebrated chef. By Jeff Gordinier.

Playing Up the Spicy Aspect of a Summer Fruit Pie – Chunks of brown sugar spread across a bed of high-acid, tangy plums produce a nicely tart pie. By Melissa Clark.

Empanadas, the Pies With a Passport – The empanada is the little meat pie that could, a native of Spain that has traveled the world. By David Tanis.

Sonkers, Grunts, Slumps and Crumbles – These desserts are so regional that people within the same county will disagree on the proper name for them. By Kim Severson.

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  • TM Claude

    This post inspired me. I used one of the recipes and created something memorable for the holiday. Must admit, I substituted black berries , the look was very similar to the pie listed and the taste was extraordinary. Thanks