At Harney Sushi, Edible Information Tells You About the Sustainability of Your Fish

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In an effort to promote sustainable seafood, Harney Sushi in San Diego is making such information edible. With a QR code printed on the sushi using rice paper and edible ink, guests can use their smart phones to link to a website that tells them about eco-friendly practices (or not-so-eco-friendly practices) that apply to their fish . This is just one step towards supporting new sustainable fisheries in California.


Guests at the upscale Harney Sushi in San Diego now get a little something extra with their fresh tuna and crab rolls: edible QR (quick response) codes. When scanned with a smart phone or tablet, the codes take users to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) FishWatch website, where they can learn about the sustainability of the seafood they are consuming.

Harney Sushi’s owners, Dustin Summerville and Kirk Harrison, and Executive Chef Robert Ruiz have been working with a number of fishery stakeholders and NOAA scientists at the agency’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center in nearby La Jolla, California, to develop a local economy and culture of sustainable seafood.

Harney Sushi is one of the first U.S. restaurants to use edible QR codes, which are printed on rice paper with water-based, edible ink…Continue Reading


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