Is a Wireless World — Without the Cords — Just Around the Corner?



Our phones, internet and computers are all wireless. That is, until we need to plug them in to charge or to find a connection. Yet thanks to MIT, a discovery has been made with the potential of making our world completely wireless and battery-free.


Here’s a bold prediction for you: very soon, we’ll live in a wireless world. This is where you’re probably thinking, “Hold your sweet-smartphonin’-butt there mister…. We already live in a wireless world.” One could argue””given our network of mobile phone, towers, and satellites””that we’ve now effectively transitioned enough of our communications infrastructure away from the wire that we can deem ourselves “wireless.” However, in fact, we are not a wireless world. One significant tether still remains: the mighty power cord…Continue Reading


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Wireless technology photo by: lizzardo