This New Futuristic Travel Trailer is Like Having Your Own Luxury Hotel on Wheels

Bowlus Luxury Trailer

By Maria Russo

Designer John Long recently launched the new Bowlus Road Chief, an aerodynamic luxury travel trailer with lavish interior finishes and innovative amenities to support an active, digital life. The interior is cozy and modern with Zen design elements. Beds easily reconfigure from twins to almost a king. There is central heating, an efficient cook’s kitchen, and an expandable full bathroom complete with shower. The Road Chief also features solar panels and state-of-the-art electronics with charging and storage options.

If you have the means to splurge on this “hotel on wheels” (you can purchase the Road Chief for $100,000), it truly is the coolest way to escape for an ambitious adventure cross country, or to just hit the open road for an afternoon of inspiration.

Bowlus Chief

Bowlus Kitchen

Bowlus Dining Area

Bowlus Kitchen

Bowlus Bathroom

Bowlus Relaxation Area

Bowlus Kitchen Sink

Bowlus Chief Workstation

Bowlus Stove

Bowlus by the Sea

Photos via Bowlus Road Chief/ John Long


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  • Michaela

    Wow! The outside of the trailer does it no justice. It’s almost like you have luxury hidden in a simple, tin can! It’s seriously amazing and I wouldn’t mind traveling across the country in it.

  • Jeff Dobbins

    Okay, I SO want one of those…and someone to drive it.

  • Kate

    I really like this, and tho we’re looking for a nice travel trailer, i don’t think my very tall husband would feel comfy in this. I think we’d get real claustrophobic.

  • Natalie

    Looks very nice but would still not covert me to using trailers for traveling.

  • Kim

    Apart from the 100k price tag that is one cool ride, I could easily take off for a few months with my wife and just go exploring

  • Nathalie Gagnon

    That’s indeed very cool, even that tiny little bathroom has some charm :)

  • Fiona Maclean

    I’d use it, if I was somewhere lovely in the first place. It’s the kind of thing that would let you get into the heart of the countryside without having to pay the cost of luxury hotels

  • Grace

    This trailer looks fantastic in the pictures. But what is it going to look like after a week on the road? I doubt as nice. This looks to me more fashion than practical. Defiantly cool looking though.