Drinking Coffee Just Got Sweeter with Lavazza’s Edible Cookie Cup

Lavazza cookie cup

Yes, you read the headline correctly, Lavazza will soon unleash the ultimate coffee consumption experience — a cookie cup lined with sugar that will hold your espresso and can be gobbled away after that last delicious sip.

Lavazza edible coffee cup

The brilliant idea was dreamed up by Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi who wanted to create a coffee cup that produced little to zero waste and had all the frills and more of a perfect coffee cup. A special patented icing sugar works as an insulator making the cup waterproof while acting as a sweetener for the espresso. The cup itself is made of a pastry that can best be described as a cross between an ice cream cone and a biscotti.

lavazza cookie cup

Lavazza has not yet announced when the edible coffee cup will be available to consumers, but when we catch wind of the release we’ll be sure to spread the word.


All images property of  Sardi Innovation

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  • http://www.theworldofdeej.com D.J. – The World of Deej

    Ha! What an awesome idea!

  • http://coffeestylish.com/ Danijela

    Wow, looks amazing. I love it!

  • BusinessMaster

    OMG !!! That’s clever.
    Perfect from every point of view… business, marketing, ecology, packaging, design…. Long time I haven’t seen such a masterpiece.

  • http://www.timetravelturtle.com Turtle

    What an amazing idea – it looks so delicious!!

  • Laura Miguel

    We are all hoping that this cup will be released soon. It’s amazing to see a cup made of biscuit dough and holds coffee in it. This is truly an edible coffee cup.