brazil floating market

The Culture Report: China’s “Green” Millennials, Brazil’s Proud Indigenous, Women Raped in War…

brazil floating market

Here’s some of our top picks for stories in culture:

The Atlantic: Foreign Policy, Akin-Style: How the U.S. Denies Abortions to Women Raped in War ““ “When rape is used as a weapon of war in places like Congo or Bosnia, thousands of women and girls can become pregnant, but a piece of 39-year-old U.S. legislation means that few if any aid groups are allowed to provide or even discuss abortion services with them”.“…Continue Reading

Worldcrunch: Brazil’s Indigenous Indians Find the Courage to Stand Up and be Counted ““ “RIO DE JANEIRO ““ She carries the weight of her people on her shoulders and that makes her beautiful. With her seashell and pearl necklace around the neck, her tanned tattooed skin, her feathers of different sizes and her bright and vividly colored skeins, Vangri Kaingang is a proud native and she’s not afraid to show it“…Continue Reading

TimeChina’s Millennials: Get Rich or Save the Planet? ““ “There is no serious doubt that the world is getting warmer and warmer, and there is no doubt either that many once-poor nations “” especially China, India and Brazil “” are getting richer and richer. Wealth is a very good thing, and every nation has a right to pursue it, but in the 21st century, that pursuit comes with a special moral burden that other industrial nations never faced””…Continue Reading

Grub StreetDetails on Ruth Bourdain’s Ridiculous Book ““ “Ruth Bourdain’s book Comfort Me With Offal: The Definitive Manual for Eating, Drinking, and Fondling Food will be released on September 4″”…Continue Reading 


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