Pinterest: Turn Images of Your Brand Into an Idea and Sell It


If you’re a professional player in the game of social media you may already know that Pinterest is currently driving more traffic than Google+ and LinkedIn combined and beat Reddit as a referrer (GOOD). The social bookmarking site, which essentially allows people to create “pinboards” from which they can share links, “like,” and “repin” photos from one board to another, has captured the most loyal audience out there: women (58 percent) — more specifically, brides-to-be.

According to this infographic published by I Love Charts, women in the mist of planning their weddings are using Pinterest the most, with women who wish they were still planning their weddings as the second biggest users, followed by food lovers, designers and men (consecutively).

Pinterest chart

So the question is: Is Pinterest an effective platform for retailors and social media strategists trying to promote their brand or product? Currently, the statistics say no as web searching is still the primary source of traffic to the site. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be in the future. Between September 2011 and December 2011, traffic increased more than fourfold bringing in 7.51 million unique visitors in December alone (Mashable). So now may be a great time to jump on and test the waters if your brand appeals to the particular demographics the site has been attracting.

I recently became active on Pinterest when I was inspired by a friend’s pinboard, which was filled with non-cheesy inspirational quotes, and decided to share the link to her board entitled, “Learn Something New” on my Facebook page. Being female, I certainly fit the mold for who’s visiting the sight, and I must admit that after repinning some of her images, I spent a few more minutes perusing photos related to her upcoming wedding ““ so I guess you can say that I fell into category number two: “Women who wish they were still planning their weddings” (although I would never willingly admit that to friends and colleagues — it would be social suicide).

After signing off Pinterest, I asked myself this question: If it was a retailer’s board with insightful wedding images (ideas) would I have shared my findings with friends who were in the process of planning for a wedding? My answer was absolutely “yes” because I enjoy using social sharing platforms to send others interesting information. So if media sites/blogs and retailors promoting a specific brand can figure out how to present “Ideas” through their images, they may just be able to inspire their followers to share their product with a larger network of people. In the same way we view a sexy billboard, or the series of images which form a commercial, we would be able to click through photographs of our friend’s favorite dress from Anthropologie, a necklace from Satya, or perhaps a screenshot of the hotel where they plan to stay on their honeymoon.

  • Bret @ Green Global Travel

    We’re big Pinterest enthusiasts, and have been pretty active in encouraging our blogger friends to embrace it. While we haven’t figured out any surefire ways to use it to drive traffic yet, we did have a post we put up when we first joined the site get 50+ hits today, for some strange reason.

    • culture-ist

      That’s great Bret. Hopefully more and more people will begin to find your site through Pinterest.

  • Michael Figueiredo

    So far I really like Pinterest and I’ve seen some traffic to my blog from it as well. I have a feeling it will continue to grow! :)

    • culture-ist

      That’s great to hear Michael. I believe as people become repeat visitors to your pinboard they will be curious about your blog and will want to check it out. You can also try linking photos on you blog to your Pinterest board.

  • adventureswithben

    What I like about Pinterest is it’s easy to understand and use, while Google + is so confusing and messy looking. I’ll keep playing with it and see what happens.

    • culture-ist

      You bring up a good point, Ben, Pinterest definitely has that “eye candy” factor and is very simple to navigate. I’ve become a big fan of the site.

  • Darlene

    We’ve just started to play with it. I find it fascinating, and a great way to organize a ton of interesting stuff that I don’t otherwise know what to do with but don’t want to lose! :) Still experimenting with it on a business level. Starting to get some ideas…not yet concrete enough to share.


  • Leslie (Downtown Traveler)

    Love how you’ve embraced Pinterest by titling your photos as “Pin it.” What a great idea!

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