Floods Continue to Devastate Mozambique as South Africa’s Kruger National Park Recovers (VIDEO)

south Africa floods from cyclone funso

Five days ago, Kruger National Park was forced to close after flood waters surged through large areas of the wildlife game reserve, washing out bridges and causing substantial damage to homes, lodges and roads. Hundreds of tourists were stranded and approximately 30 people were airlifted by helicopter to safety.

In neighboring Mozambique, 22 people have died and tens of thousands have lost their homes in the floods as a result of tropical depression Dando and Cyclone Funso. The floods decimated more than 6,000 cashew trees, one of Mozambique’s main crops. Communication lines and water pipes have also been affected, leaving approximately 70,000 people without clean water (Global Post).

The flooding in Kruger has abated and the park has since reopened, but Mozambique continues to bear the wrath of battering rains and winds gusts of up to 75 miles per hour.


This video by odofad shows the massive flood waters pouring through Kruger National Park:

[youtube EI7YQe1RGZM]
Photo by: Mister-E/Flickr

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