Food Trending Forecast: Marshmallows are the New Cupcakes

Move over cupcakes cause gourmet marshmallows are about to steal the muffin cups from right under you. A new trend in sweets is beginning to pop up all over the country that has cupcake lovers worried that their beloved treats will soon be the second dessert of choice.

Over the past two years, artisan marshmallows have been quietly gaining popularity, but now it seems that the secret on these gourmet confectioneries is out.

At Three Tarts Bakery in Manhattan, flavors like cinnamon, espresso, chocolate-rosemary and mango are just a few examples of the creative infusions that are making these sugary clouds so desirable among foodies. Other places in NYC serving up these epicurean delights are Épicerie Boulud (try the passion fruit honey), soon-to-open Robicellis, Baked, and The City Bakery, which, plans to hold a marshmallow art exhibit in February (The New York Times).

If you can’t make it to NYC, don’t fret because plushpuffs.comLevity Gourmet Marshmallows, Pete’s Gourmet Confections and Kitty Lee Thomas Sweets sell their marshmallows online. We also found some other spots in the U.S. and Canada (where the trend is believed to have originated) that are whipping up small batches in some pretty inventive ways.

Mia Mallows, San Antonio, Texas

Li’l Puffs, San Jose, Calif

Girl & the Goat, Chicago, Ill. (foie gras marshmallow)

Longman & Eagle, Chicago, Ill. (horseradish marshmallow)

240sweet, Columbus, Ind.

Butter Baked Goods, Vancouver, BC

Nadege, Toronto, ON

Suite 88 Chocolatier, Montreal, QC


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  • Barbara | Creative Culinary

    I tried making marshmallows once and it was disastrous. But this settles it…I have a stubborn and independent streak a mile long…if a food trend, then my trend is to ignore it!

    You say macaron and I say…macaroons…see I can’t help myself!

  • culture-ist

    Ignore a trend! Sacrilege! Just kidding — we respect your take on trends, but we are still intrigued to see if gourmet marshmallows will one take the spotlight from cupcakes.